People tell us all the time how much they love our new sign with the time and temperature.
-Harwood Oaks Animal Clinic

Our new sign made a huge difference in our FIRST IMPRESSION. The drive up is much more appealing.
- Bloomingdale Chiropractic

Our walk in clients increased over 100% after we installed our new sign.
- The Lasik Center

We had 15 new patients in the first 45 days.
- Bloomingdale Chiropractic

We are so pleased with our new sign and reader board. Like clock work we get 2 to 3 new patients every month. They all say, "I live near hear and drive by all the time. I read your messages and when I got this problem I choose you."
- Langford Chiropractic

We use to spend around $7000.00 a month to market our practice. After we installed our new sign and ELECTRONIC MESSAGE BOARD we no longer need to advertise. Last year our sign was responsible for almost 50% of our total services.
- Hollywood Smiles

Our electronic message sign allows us to let new patients know the full extent of our practice. We do a lot more than just chiropractic but no one knew it.
- A&M Chiropractic

Patients would be looking for my office but wind up in the office down the street. When we installed our sign we no longer had that problem.
- McDonald Chiropractic

In no time at all we became the landmark in town.
- Apple

No one drives past our office without noticing our practice.
- Today’s Dental

I was so impressed with my new sign I ordered the same sign for all of my locations.
- Mt. Pleasant

had been in practice for over 17 years before I installed my new sign. People started asking us when we moved to town.
- Prosser